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Reverse Twist Type

Model TSB-8


Winding tension is set in Touch-Panel.
Production speed is increased up to 230 No. of barbs/min (max).
Driving speed can be changed High and Low by inverter according to barb pitch.

Cord Wire Gauge
1.50 - 1.70mm (about T.S. 900 - 1200N/mm2)
Barb Wire Gauge
1.40 - 1.60mm (about T.S. 400 - 500N/mm2)
No. of twsits between barbs
Approx. 5 twists
Type of Barb
Barb pitch
3, 3.5, 4, 5 inch + 6 inch
No. of barbs per min. (max)
about 230 (at 3, 3.5, 4 inch)
about 180 (at 5 inch + 6 inch)
Coil size
O.D about 425mm
I.D about 110mm
Height about 210mm
Weight about 25kg max.
Main motor
AC7.5kw x 4p motor with brake, inverter drive
Winding motor
AC3.7kw x 4p motor, inverter drive by torque control
Machine dimension
2730 x 900 x 1660 (mm)
Machine weight
about 3,000kg

Newly developed stabilizing equipment for winding tension performs barb twist more firmly. The product quality including stable barb pitch has further improved, compared with previous design.

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