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High-speed Type

Super high speed Rigidlly built and equipped with Powerful Disc Brake
Model TSB-7

Barb Forming Section
The fork (barb winder) winds barb wires coming from top and bottom around the cord wires.
The barb wires are cut off immediately after winding to form a sharp point.

Back Side
Air Unit
Control Panel


Forming speed and winding speed are automatically fixd by setting the number of wire twists on Touch-Panel.
Winding speed can be adjusted higher or lower with a dial and forming speed can be adjusted higher or lower automatically according to winding speed.
Barb pitch is adjustable between 2.5" and 6.0" approximately.

Wire diameter
1.5 - 2.8mm
No. of tensile strength
350 - 500N/mm2
No. of cord wires
No. of barb points
2 or 4
Barb spacing
65 - 150mm (2.1/2 - 6")
Rev. of bobbin cradle
640rpm max.
Rev. of crankshaft
426rpm max.
No. of barbs per min.
426rpm max.
Take-up coil weight
45kg max.
Drive motor
7.5kw 4p with inverter for winding section 2.2kw 4p with inverter for forming section
Brake Pneumatic disc brake
Air requirements 1.0N. Lit/min. at 4.0kg/cm2
Machine dimension 2.5(L) x 1.3(W) x 1.7(H) m
Machine weight about 3,400kg (7,500lb)

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